The U.S. naval astronomical expedition to the southern hemisphere during the year 1849-'50-'51-'52


Título secundario: Chile : its geography, climate, earthquakes, government, social condition, mineral and agricultural resources, commerce, &c., &c.

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2 tomos en 1 volumen, [52] hojas de láminas

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Washington : A.O.P. Nicholson, Printer, 1855


Dedicatoria manuscrita del autor a Miguel Luis Amunategui

Tomo 1 : Chile, its geography climate, eartquakes, goverment, social condition, mineral and agricultural resources, commerce.-- Tomo 2 : Report of journeys across the andes and pompas of the argentine province / made under instruction from lieut J.M. Gilliss, by Archibald Macrae.--Report on the mineral and mineral water of Chile / by J.Laurence Smith.-- A description of the indian antiquie trought from Chile and Perú / by the United States naval.astronomical expedition, by thomas Enbank.-- Zoology / by S.F. Baird [].-- Paleontology : description of a portion of the lawer and a tooth of the mastodom andum; also,of a toothand fragment of thefemur of a mastodon from Chile / by Seffries Wyman

Materias: Expediciones Científicas - ChileExpediciones Científicas - Hemisferio SurCordillera de Los Andes - Chile - Descripciones y ViajesChile - Descripciones y Viajes

Año: 1855

Idioma: Inglés

Colección: Biblioteca Nacional de Chile

Códigos BN: MC0071010

N° sistema: 65728

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