The Streights of Magellan corrected from Cape Virgin to Cape Foward, siglo 18

The history of a voyage to the Malouine (or Falkland) Islands, made in 1763 and 1764, under the command of M. de Bougainville, in order to form a Settlement there : and of two voyages is the Streights of Magellan, with an account of the Patagonians / translated from Dom Pernety's Historical Journal, written in french. Second edition London : William Goldsmith, 1773. xvii, 294 páginas, 7 hojas de láminas


Propiedad intelectual: Patrimonio cultural común

Tipo: Lámina

Materias: Estrecho de Magallanes (Argentina y Chile) - MapasChile - Mapas - Siglo 18

Año: 1773

Idioma: Inglés

Colección: Biblioteca Nacional de Chile

Códigos BN: MC0001263

N° sistema: 56915

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